Top 10 Things You Should Know About Your Site

1. Does my site have adequate access?
2. Is my property properly zoned?
3. Is utility service available to my site?
4. What will it cost to develop my site?
5. Are there extraordinary costs to develop my site?
6. Are there futures improvements planned that affect my site?
7. Are there physical encumbrances that affect my site?
8. How does the topography affect my site?
9. Will the city support my project?
10. How long will it take to get permits?
Let us assist you during the due diligence phases of your project to ensure a smooth transition into the design and permitting phases of your project!

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Brian Bridgewater, P.E.
Director of Engineering
HP Civil Engineering

office (214) 269 5080
fax (972) 701 9639

Mailing Address:
5339 Alpha Road
Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75240
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Services Provided

Due Diligence & Entitlements
Flood Plain & Wetlands
Local & State Regulations
Permitting Process & City Fees
Planned Improvements
Platting, Easements, Right-of-Way
Preliminary Cost & Schedules
Utilities, Drainage, and Access Locations
Zoning & Land Use

Construction/Civil Documents
Cost Estimates
Drainage Studies
Detention/Retention Pond Design
Erosion Control Plan
Master Utility & Drainage Plans
Permitting & Plan Approval
Post Construction Inspections
Sewer Studies

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey
As-Built Survey
Boundary & topographic Survey
Form Survey
Subdivision Platting
Construction Staking
Legal Descriptions/Field Notes